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Embrace the Beauty of Life through C.U.N. Photography!

Discover a whole new way to explore South Florida with
C.U.N. Photography - where your wildest dreams come to life!

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C.U.N. Photography

Mr. C.U.N.

At C.U.N. Photography, we truly believe in the power of this quote. Our purpose is to immortalize the extraordinary moments in life through our distinctive photography style. While we excel in wedding, portrait, and family photography, our love for the art extends far beyond that. We are dedicated to capturing the exquisite essence of the world around us with our lens. Whether you wish to commemorate a significant occasion or freeze a fleeting moment, our skilled photographers will ensure that you receive an impeccable shot.

Alexander Smith Photographer
Mr. C.U.N.

Welcome to C.U.N. Photography, where we redefine the art of capturing moments. With our unparalleled expertise in photography and videography, we guarantee the highest quality service for your events and special occasions. 


Our visionary founder, Alexander Smith, also known as TIPS DA DON, has dedicated over a decade to perfecting his craft in this industry. His passion lies in capturing the essence and vibrancy of each client, ensuring that their uniqueness shines through every frame.


At C.U.N. Photography, we offer an extensive range of services and packages tailored to meet your specific needs. From exclusive catering to deluxe collections, and even our renowned C.U.N. Promotions party collections, we have everything you need to make your event truly unforgettable.


Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with an experience that surpasses their expectations, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with exclusive models and networking with exceptional photographers, as we believe in the power of collective creativity.


Join us at C.U.N. Photography and let us capture the magic of your special moments in a way that truly stands out.

Looking for top-notch photography services? Look no further than C.U.N. Photography! We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality images and providing a professional and thorough experience. To secure your desired date, make sure to book at least two weeks in advance. Conveniently, we accept payments through Cashapp $CUNBIZNESS. Don't miss out on capturing your special moments with us! Cashapp $CUNBIZNESS.

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Established in 2009 by the talented cameraman Alexander Smith, C.U.N. Photography has been capturing moments in South Florida with finesse. Despite starting his photographic journey a little later at the age of 17, Alexander's passion and dedication have propelled him to new heights. Today, C.U.N. Photography offers a range of exceptional services, constantly evolving and growing alongside its clients.

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